A Different View. A Different Test.

At Accurate Testing Solutions we take a different view of flooring material. The most accurate like, kind and quality valuation available is delivered through our high-level process and advanced technologies in evaluating flooring materials.

We examine all of the characteristics of your flooring material and accurately measure its attributes. Our patented system determines the precise value of your flooring type, delivering superior results.

Today, Accurate Testing Solutions is the fastest growing company in the floor covering material inspection industry. Our experienced lab techs are responsive and timely in delivering results for all of your floor material testing needs.

Accurate Testing Solutions' Research & Development department is working continuously to create value by improving upon the services we provide to our clients.
COMING SOON: Asbestos, Roofing and Siding material testing.

Our MissionATS Arrows 
At Accurate Testing Solutions, our mission is to transform material testing through innovation, science, and technology. We strive to deliver an interpretation of technical data that is accurate and timely above and beyond current industry standards.
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